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LUZ-Design designs products for and with ´Project Panabaj´. 'Luz' is ´Light´ in Spanish and comes from the designer 'Lucia'.
Lucia Engel came to Guatemala in the beginning of 2005 and worked as a volunteer first one year in an orphanage as a Theatre Therapist.

During this year she heard of what happened in formal ´Panabaj´ and went to see what she could do for the survivors there.

After her first year she worked together with the local school and gave the children therapies, to overcome their traumas of the big landslide that happened. But she saw also the families that were realy poor. So she started to make jewerly with them and used her foreign connections to sell these.

Now, in 2014 we still do this. And lots of families have benefit from this. So, they can make a Fair wage there where they need it most!